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Today Wednesday Jul 1

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Here's What To Expect And How To Plan Your Visit

We're excited to welcome you back onto the piers again and are working to expand our commitment to safety and cleanliness starting with our Safe Play PromiseThese strengthened procedures are designed to give our guests even greater confidence in visiting our facilities and to give our staff the protection they need to provide the best experience possible during your visit.

What to expect during your visit:

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Face covering required for all guests & associates.

50% Capacity of the Piers and Water Parks.

Social distancing

Longer wait times & limited attraction availability.

Morey’s has been crafting summer fun for over 50 years and while events of this year have certainly reshaped the way we work, live and value family all the more, our long-standing commitment to safety, service, and fun has not wavered. Click here to read the full statement from 2nd Generation Partners, Will and Jack Morey. 


  • Per the State of NJ, capacity will be limited to 50% on the piers and in the water park. In order to control capacity there will be entrance and exit points in place prior to entering the pier and water park. 
  • Mariner's Pier and Raging Waters will be open on a daily basis. Surfside and Adventure Pier will have limited, evening hours when we are able to open them. Ocean Oasis will be closed for the season. All hours are subject to change. Click Here for our operating hours.
  • Due to a number of factors, some rides and attractions may remain closed for the 2020 season. Others may be open and closed on a rotating basis throughout the summer.  Please click Here for the status on attractions. 
  • Our staff is excited to welcome you back to our piers and water parks, but please know that we are operating with less staff than we are accustomed to and we will do our best to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Please note that for 2020, we will ONLY BE SELLING TICKET CARDS for the amusement rides. The Water Park will continue to be a pay one price facility. 

Previously purchased vouchers, tickets, or wristbands will be accepted. Although not required, a reservation is recommended if you want to guarantee expedited entry into the park. Additional wristbands for the amusement rides are NOT available for purchase (even if you have prepurchased vouchers or wristbands). No additional wristbands will be sold for the amusement rides; the only option available for all guests will be ticket cards.

  • Ticket cards will provide you and your family with the greatest flexibility when visiting the park due to limitations on rides and attractions and hours of operations. Ticket cards do not expire, any unused tickets can be used during your next visit. 
  • For the best experience we encourage guests to buy tickets in advance and to make a reservation. We also encourage guests to check our website for ride status and crowd sizes.
Buy Tickets & Reservations

Tickets FAQs

What admission options are currently available for purchase?

Ticket cards are the only admission option available for purchase to take advantage of the the amusement piers this summer. Due to limitations on rides and hours of operation this will give you and your family the greatest flexibility during your visit. Pay one Price wristbands, multi day pass options, and season passes are no longer for sale. 

For Raging Waters Water Park guests can still purchase all day General admission access, morning admission access (open to 12:30pm), and afternoon admission access (3:30pm to closing). Similarly guests 65 years or older can purchase a discounted all day admission with a valid ID showing their Date of Birth. 

What if I need to purchase pier or water park admission?

It is highly recommended that all guests purchase tickets online in advance of their reservation for the best experience possible. Those looking to ride can purchase ticket cards online and once through the gate they can skip the ticket booth and go directly to the rides by printing their voucher or opening it on a smartphone. Similarly, guests with ticket cards can go online and purchase an expedited entry time to ensure they are able to get through the gate as quickly as possible. For the Water Park, advance purchases will guarantee entry into the park at the time of your booking. 

Admission to both the Pier and Water Park can be purchased on site via the stand by line but expedited entry cannot. Those without expedited entry will be able to gain access via the standby line on a first come first serve basis so it is suggested that all guest purchase in advance to ensure the best experience possible. 

What if I already have a ticket card or pay one price wristband?

No problem! Any unexpired ticket card or pay one price wristband will be accepted.  We do encourage all guests to make an advanced reservation to expedite your visit onto the pier or in the water park. For guests with Pay one Price wristbands, one reservation per wristband is free! If you do not make a reservation that is ok too but you may have to wait in the stand by line upon arrival so we suggest planning ahead. 


A new online reservation system will allow us to follow state guidelines on capacity and allow you to better plan your visit in advance. Please note that while reservations are not mandatory they are highly recommended and encouraged.

Once you gain access to the park please expect longer than normal wait times on rides and attractions due to enhanced sanitation measures and loading procedures for social distancing on rides.

Standby Entry

  • Guests are welcome to visit the Piers and Water Park without making a reservation, but may have to wait to gain entry. There may be periods or days where the piers or waterparks are fully reserved and due to capacity control requirements no standby guests will be able to enter.  
  • Guests without reservations, and those whose entry period has lapsed, may use the standby line to gain entry into the facility on a first come first serve basis.
Guaranteed Pier Access Season Pass Holders Pre Purchased Wristbands

Reservations FAQS

Are you using a reservation system?

Yes, all visitors are highly encouraged to make a reservation prior to their visit to ensure expedited entry into the park.  Every guest, be it with new tickets, previously purchased tickets, Season Passes or just those coming on to the pier to look around should check online prior to visiting and book a reservation for a specific date and time to ensure that you are able to come into the park(s). 

Is there a cost to make a reservation? What if I have a Season Pass? A previously purchased wristband product?

Reservations are free for previously purchased pay one price ride and water park wristbands, as well as, season pass holders and their guests (pass holder plus 3 guests).

For those making new water park purchases a reservation is included in the ticket price. Guests must select a date and time to visit when purchasing. Guests visiting the amusement piers with a ticket card may purchase a reservation prior to their visit. Although reservations for the amusement piers are not required it is highly recommended that one is made to ensure access to the park. Reservations will range from $4 to $15 depending on the date and time for expedited access to the Pier with a ticket card. 

Remember, reservations cannot be made onsite and should be made more than 1 hour prior to the time you plan to visit. 

How long is a reservation valid at Raging Waters Water Park?

Guests with water park tickets will receive expedited entry for the duration that their admission is valid. 

How long is a reservation valid on the pier(s)?

Reservations are valid for up to 4 hours from the time you enter within your booking period. You are able to enter and exit the pier(s) as many times as you want during that period using the expedited entry lane.

Season Pass Holders

We are excited to welcome you back onto the piers again. We understand that making the most of your season pass is important to you, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the parks when you would like to. Reservations, although not required, are highly recommended.

We have set aside complimentary daily reservation slots for our valued Season Pass Holders and your guests. More information on how to make a pass holder reservation can be found in the FAQs below. 

Season Passholder Reservations

Season Pass Holders FAQs

I have a season pass do I need a reservation?

It is highly recommended that Season Pass holders make a reservation prior to their visit. If you choose to visit the piers without a reservation you will be required to wait in the standby line with general admission guests and will be admitted only if there is capacity available.  

We have set aside complimentary daily reservation slots for our valued Season Pass Holders and your guests (max 3 guests/visit). We do ask that you are courteous of your fellow passholders and only book for those days/times you are planning to visit. If too many of our passholders make reservations that are not used, we may be forced to limit the number of bookings each passholder can make. 

I have a Season Pass, how many guests can I make a reservation for?

Season Pass holders may make a reservation for themselves and up to 3 guests for free each time they visit if space is available. 

With all these changes, what can I do to have the best experience?

  • We encourage all season pass holders to make a reservation in advance for themselves and their guests (up to 3 per visit).
  • Please come prepared with your season pass voucher or season pass cards in hand to ensure a speedy transaction when picking up your wristband. 
  • Upload your season pass photo in advance to save yourself a visit to guest services! By going online and uploading your photo to your account, during your first visit you do not even need to pick up a wild pass card. Keep your season pass voucher on your phone all season and use that to pick up your wristband!
  • Pass holders are welcome to turn in their season pass voucher for a season pass wild card like in past years.