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Today Sunday Feb 28

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Having trouble purchasing or making a reservation? Watch our video tutorials that will take you step by step through the process.  



We're excited to welcome you back onto the piers again and are working to expand our commitment to safety and cleanliness starting with our Safe Play PromiseThese strengthened procedures are designed to give our guests even greater confidence in visiting our facilities and to give our staff the protection they need to provide the best experience possible during your visit.

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Spread You Wings, Not the Virus! Face covering required for all guests & associates. 

More Space to Play! 50% Capacity in the Piers and Water Parks. 

Birds of a Feather Don't Flock Too Close Together. Maintain social distancing


WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS and our staff is excited to welcome you back when you're ready!

We are operating at 50% capacity, both on the piers and in the water park, and our newly installed gates will allow us to efficiently control the capacity onto the piers and allow for social distancing (remember birds of a feather shouldn't flock too close together). 

Raging Waters and Mariner's Pier are open daily and Surfside Pier is open evening hours. Ocean Oasis will be closed for the season. All hours are subject to change. 



AMUSEMENT PIER TICKET CARDS are available for purchase for the amusement rides (amusement pier or same day pier/water park wristbands, multi-day, and season passes are currently unavailable). Ticket cards do not expire, and any unused tickets can be used during your next visit. Previously purchased ticket cards are accepted. 

The Water Park will continue to offer the following admission types:

  • General admission - valid from when you arrive to park closing.
  • Morning special - valid from park opening until 1:00pm.
  • Afternoon special - valid from 3:30pm until park closing.
  • Guests 65 years or older can purchase a discounted all day admission with a valid ID showing their date of birth. 

* Previously purchased water park and pier admission i.e, spring or holiday sale vouchers, etc. will be accepted. You will also have the ability to make (1) complimentary reservation per pass. Ticket cards excluded. 


What if I need to purchase pier or water park admission?

To save money and for the best experience possible we recommend purchasing online and in advance. 

Is a reservation included with my water park purchase?

Yes, if you are purchasing admission to the water park then your reservation is made at the time of purchase. Click here to purchase.

What if I already have a ticket card or pay one price wristband?

No problem! Unexpired ticket cards and pay one price wristband will be accepted. 

I purchased a ticket card online, how can I use it in the park?

You have three options. 1.Printing your ticket voucher and scanning at the rides. 2. Pulling up your ticket voucher on your smart phone and scanning your phone at the rides. 3. Redeeming your ticket voucher at a ticket booth for a physical ticket card. 


Morey’s Piers has eliminated the reservation system for guaranteed pier access to the amusement rides. We originally implemented reservations for the amusement rides to help with park capacity and social distancing during arrival, but we’ve learned that we are still able to maintain all our health and safety protocols without requiring them.

Guests that have purchased amusement ride admission in advance will have priority access to enter the pier over those just walking up and purchasing onsite.

There are currently no changes to the water park, and you can continue to purchase water park admission online for the day and time of your choosing.

Our team is working hard to deliver a fun, safe, and clean experience so you may experience longer than normal wait times at certain rides and attractions due to enhanced sanitation measures and loading procedures for social distancing. 


What if I already purchased a reservation?

Reservations made for August 10, 2020 and after are being refunded and you should see that refund applied to your credit card in the next 14 days. Upon the refund being processed you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not see it please check your junk/spam folder.

How long is a reservation valid at Raging Waters Water Park?

For the duration that your admission is valid. If you purchased General Admission for the water park you can arrive at any time throughout the day you have reserved.  

Season Pass Holders

Those that have activated their 2020 Wild Pass will no longer need to make advanced reservations for guaranteed pier access to the amusement rides. Wild Pass holders, along with their guests, can visit at any time while we are open and receive priority access along with those who have already purchased tickets in advance. Please note that during peak times there may be minimal wait times to enter the pier.

Pass holders can continue to make complimentary reservations or just walk up as they have been doing.   


With all these changes, what can I do to have the best experience?

  • Please come prepared with your season pass voucher or season pass cards in hand to ensure a speedy transaction when picking up your wristband. 
  • Upload your season pass photo in advance to save yourself a visit to guest services! By going online and uploading your photo to your account, during your first visit you do not even need to pick up a wild pass card. Keep your season pass voucher on your phone all season and use that to pick up your wristband!
  • Pass holders are welcome to turn in their season pass voucher for a season pass wild card like in past years.

Morey’s has been crafting summer fun for over 50 years and while events of this year have certainly reshaped the way we work, live and value family all the more, our long-standing commitment to safety, service, and fun has not wavered. Click here to read the full statement from 2nd Generation Partners, Will and Jack Morey. 

Morey’s is doing a fantastic job. Everyone is kind and social distancing. All the kids were social distancing in the water park lines and staff is constantly cleaning.

Christy - Millville NJ