Screamin’ Swing


Adventure Pier

Tickets per Guest


Ride Type




Additional Cost

$5 with wristband


S & S Power Inc.

Safety Information

Must be 48" tall to ride. Guests must have upper body control, two legs, and complete use of at least one hand in order to ride. This ride is not included in Morey's Piers daily ride wristband and/or season pass. Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.


Think of a playground swing set. Then make it over 60 feet tall! Experience a G-Force of over 4.0 as a state-of-the-art air-launch system propels you high into the Wildwood sky. Want to go higher? How's 70 feet? Faster? Try 60 mph! The Screamin' Swing is not included in Morey's Piers' wristband program. Have a valid ride wristband? Then you can ride the Screamin' Swing for only $5 or 8 tickets per rider. Package deals for Morey's Piers Xtreme Rides are available at any Xtreme Ride Ticket Booth. Season Pass holder? Well, you can now ride the Screamin' Swing for free! Yes, another Season Pass Perk. Just scan your wristband at the ride!