Pete Bieling Sr.

Pete Bieling is a local artist from Burlington, New Jersey.  He is know as the "Master of the Murals" and specializes in painting traditional seascapes, many of which can be found painted on various rides and attractions throughout Morey's Piers.  Pete first met the Morey's on a snowy January day in 1995 when he started his first project on the piers, a large climbing wall at the entrance to Adventrue Pier, formally known as Wild Wheels.  Since then Pete has worked on sevearl more projects throughout the piers including; the Wave Swinger, Super Scooters, Crazy Bus, murals throughout the water parks and so much more. 

Super Scooters on Mariner's Landing Pier                                              Super Scooters on Mariner's Landing Pier. 

                                             Wave Swinger on Mariner's Landing Pier.

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