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Mariner’s Pier

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Accessibility Information

While the entire attraction is ramped, access to and from the third floor is via a relatively steep 1 inch per 5 foot ramp. Assistance may be required to ascend and descend this ramp to and from the third floor. For those not wishing to go to the third floor, there is a wheelchair route which allows full access to the first and second floors.

Safety Information

Due to the intense nature of the Ghost Ship, it is not recommended for children under 10 years of age. You will experience dark spaces, confined spaces, frightening scenes, and live actors throughout the Ghost Ship. Do not touch the actors, but they may touch you! Strobes, atmospheric, and other high intensity effects are in use inside the Ghost Ship. Ask a member of the crew for more information. Shoes are required - high heels are not permitted. Flammable devices such as lighters or matches not permitted. Further restrictions are posted at ride entrance.


Experience the creepiest attraction on the Eastern seaboard!  Come aboard the legendary cargo ship - Ignis Fatuus.  Explore the menacing bowels and haunting decks of this mysterious ship. Terror lurks around every turn.  Permission granted to come aboard - if you dare...

The Ghost Ship will open at 5 PM daily during peak season. Operating hours subject to change.