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Today Sunday May 9



Are you ready to fly? Part sky diving, part hang gliding, this ride is about as exciting as it gets. Soar from a height of over 100 feet and out over Wildwood’s beautiful beaches! SkyCoaster can accommodate up the three flyers at a time. While the total weight permitted per flight is 850 lbs, each of the two steel cables that guide your flight are rated at over 9,800 lbs! 


1 Rider $20*

2 Riders $40*

3 Riders $50*

T-Shirt $15*

Digital Photo $10*

Single Rider Package $35*

1 Rider, 1 T-Shirt, Digital Photo

Double Rider Package $65*

2 Riders, 2 T-Shirts, Digital Photo

Triple Rider Package $90*

3 Riders, 3 T-Shirts, Digital Photo

*Plus Tax

Are you ready to SOAR?

Manufactured by SkyCoaster Inc.