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East Coast Helicopter Tours

East Coast Helicopter Tours

A Bird's-Eye View of the Boardwalk

All those seagulls have it pretty great, soaring over Wildwood’s sunny beaches with the best view of the boardwalk. You can, too, and you don’t even have to learn the power of flight. Hop in an East Coast Helicopter, above the beaches, above the boardwalk, above Morey’s Piers. Choose from tours of North Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Wildwood Crest and Cape May. By the end of it, if you want to make a ‘boy, are my arms tired’ flying joke, we’ll even let that slide. Find the helipad on the back of Adventure Pier to the left of the Go-Kart track.

NEW helicopter can accommodate up to 6 guests. 


North Wildwood - $49.99 | 7-8 miles

Stone Harbor - $59.99 | 12-13 miles

Wildwood Crest - $59.99 | 12-13 miles

Cape May - $99.99 | 18-20 miles

Avalon Tour - $99.99 | 18-20 miles

Grand Peninsula Tour - $225 | ask for custom details

*All pricing per person. Tours leave from Morey's Adventure Pier.

To schedule a private tour, call (717) 676-8745.


Weekdays from 4pm - 10pm & Weekends from 2pm - 10pm

Best time to see dolphins & marine life is between the hours of 2 - 5pm.

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