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Today Tuesday Apr 23


Baby Venice

Children will delight as their boats navigate around a huge mountain in the center of the ride.


Children drive these miniature "big rigs" around the track, honking the horn while passing by a convoy of animals on their way to the circus.

Cycle Jump

Be the baddest kid on the boards! Children can drive these motorcycles around a track while they pop wheelies and jump a stunt ramp.

Happy Feet

While you swing you may be so delighted that you break into song, much like the penguins did in the film Happy Feet (no relation).


Kid sized racecars, tractors, and other vehicles for children to drive round and round.


Children have their choice of different types of vehicles to ride in while this small carousel type ride gently rotates.

Jump Around

Children of all ages will enjoy this Baja Buggy themed ride featuring a unique and random jumping and bouncing motion!

Kiddie Boats

These little blue boats have been part of Morey's Piers' history of family tradition for over 25 years. Complete with ringing bell and steering wheel, children take to the "high seas."

Kiddie Swings

A swing ride for the little ones. Children sit in suspended chairs while the ride gently spins through the air.

Magic Bikes

Every time you ride this ride it’s like riding a bike. Well, it’s like riding the bike of a wizard or a magician because the faster you pedal, the higher you go. Just like magic! Or engineering! But magic sounds better!

Mini Scooters

Children will enjoy these bumper cars created just for them.

Pink Elephants

Children take a whimsical ride on the back of a cuddly pink elephant that likes to fly!

Tiny Tea Party

​Awww. This tiny tea party is so cute, we could almost eat it. Don’t worry, we won’t mistake your children for food as they gently spin in pastel teacups around a charming, lighted teapot. This kiddie ride does not come with crumpets or jam.​


Look! In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….it’s…oh, it IS a plane. That’s exactly what it is. And there’s more than one. And they’re being piloted by…!

This place is my childhood wrapped up in a nutshell! And it's so nice that I get to experience it with my daughter! Everything is different but the same if that makes sense. It's bitter-sweet leaving today!

Alex - Philadelphia, PA