Kiddie Swings

Swing 'Round and 'Round

Every parent has been there. You’re at the local playground. Your kid is on the swingset yelling for you to push higher and faster and higher and faster. Until what? They jettison into space? Give those tired parent arms a break. Visit the Kiddie Swings at on the Mariner’s Landing Pier. It’s a swing ride perfect for the little ones. Children sit in suspended chairs while they gently spin through the air and you can relax until you realize you just have to get a pic because it’s too cute.

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Kiddie Swings

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Safety Information

Must be 36" tall to ride. Children whose feet easily touch the ground while sitting, or exceed 54" in height, are not permitted to ride. Adults and teenagers are not permitted to ride. Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance. Ramped access available. ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: Ramped access available.