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Today Wednesday May 22

Dante's Dungeon

Enter if you dare.

If you’re looking for the tunnel of love, it’s not here. Although you might get cozy with the stranger next to you while grasping them in pure, blood-curdling fear. Sit back and just try to relax as you are wheeled through a gothic haunted castle complete with grisly scenes, ghastly monsters and gruesome sound effects. Will you make it out of Dante’s Dungeon alive? (Yes, yes — you will. It’d be terrible for our insurance otherwise.)

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Dante's Dungeon

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Safety Information

Must be 42” tall or accompanied by a supervising companion.* Strobe lights, and other high intensity effects, are in use on this attraction. You will experience live actors in this attraction. Further restrictions posted at ride entrance. 

*A person who is 14 years of age or older, is able to understand rider instructions, is able to assist a guest (under the minimum height to ride alone) in complying with rider instructions, and who meets all other criteria for riding alone.

Accessibility Information

Ramped access available.