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Today Sunday May 28

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Currently Closed for the 2022 Season.

Come aboard if you dare

[Begin recording] Slow. Walk slowly. Is that a corner? Hard to see in the dark. This isn’t what I had in mind when she asked if I wanted to go on the boat this weekend. Haunted decks and menacing underways aboard a really mysterious ship. How am I supposed to get a tan here?

Turning the corner now. Is that the captain? Why is he covered in blood? Why is he running toward me? Why did I wear flip flops? Why did I trip when I started to run? Oh no. Nooooooooo…[end of recording].

One unlucky Morey’s visitor fell on his recording device and hit STOP while aboard the Ignis Fatuus, the creepiest attraction on the Eastern seaboard. He’s safe at home now. But boy, was he scared then.

The Ghost Ship will open at 6 PM daily during peak season. Operating hours subject to change.

Manufactured by Morey's Piers