Oktoberfest returns and brings special German themed menus, an outdoor “biergarten,” live entertainment, a kids “Rootbier Garten” activity area and much more. Purchase your Ride Pass online and score some sweet and savory Food & Beverage Credit. 

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Screamin' Swing

Higher. Higher! Faster. Faster!

Remember all those times you asked mom or dad to push you higher and higher on the playground swing set and you wanted to go so high you could rocket into orbit around the earth? Well, this one won’t jettison you into space, but it will take you 70 feet in the air at a G-Force of over 4.0. How much higher and faster do you want, kid? Pretty close to outer space if you ask us.

Not included in the Morey’s Piers’ wristband program.
$5 or 8 tickets per rider with a valid ride wristband.
Package deals for Morey’s Piers Xtreme Rides are available at any Xtreme Ride Ticket Booth.
Season Pass holders ride for free with your wristband.

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Screamin' Swing

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S & S Power Inc.

Safety Information

Must be 48" tall to ride. Guests must have upper body control, two legs, and complete use of at least one hand in order to ride. This ride is not included in Morey's Piers daily ride wristband and/or season pass. Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance.