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Today Saturday Dec 14


Family reunions, friend getaways and company retreats. Scout troops, school field trips and fundraisers. Bring your group big or small to Morey’s Piers for thrills and food and boardwalk fun.

Pier Performers

Calling all performers! Dance Studios, Choral Groups and Talent Masters…we want YOU! Showcase your talent at the World’s Best Seaside Amusement Park! Our thrilling and unique entertainment venue is the perfect place for performers of all ages to showcase their skills in a fun, non-competitive enviro…

Group Tickets

A day at Morey’s Piers is even more fun when you share it with friends! We’ve got the ticket for an awesome group outing with sensational savings for groups of all kinds. Once you’ve got your group of 15 or more assembled, you’re ready to order your tickets.

Catered Picnics

Bring co-workers! Bring family! Bring friends! Bring family friends like your Uncle Tommy’s best friend from college who you call Uncle Tony.


The most fun on the boardwalk. Scout's honor.

School Programs

Come one, come all students, schools and educators. For more than 20 years, Morey’s Piers has created several school programs to support, enlighten and reward students and educators. Between Education Extravaganza, Teacher Appreciation Days and more, Morey’s Piers hosts several school events and pro…

Corporate Discounts

Most companies offer a 401k match, casual Fridays and an option for a standing desk (great posture, btw). You can offer more than that. Give your employees something to really talk about at the water cooler: discounts to Morey’s Piers.