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Raging Waters
Ocean Oasis

Raging Waters Water Park

Raging Waters Water Park will make your heart race with wet and WILD adventure! Like a shipwreck at the mouth of a mighty river the park is packed with treasures for the whole family to uncover whether it’s private cabanas, the float-up snack bar serving root beer floats while you float in the River Adventure and experience the twists and turns while embarking on this endless expedition of family fun!

Up for a challenge? Take the whole family over to the activity pool and try out all of the family friendly obstacles. GO WILD and plummet over Shotgun Falls, drift through the Wildwood skyline on the Sky Pond Journey and discover all of the unique water attractions.

Raging Waters offers two unique kiddie play areas. Discover the water canons Shipwreck Shoals or play boys against girls at Camp KidTastrophe. The three level activity area boasts fun for the whole family with cargo nets, climbing ropes, water guns, water sprays and slides in these interactive children’s play areas.


Slip slide down these Raging Waters Water Park slides but please don’t slip. Be careful. It’s slippery.

Pools & Rivers

Kick back and relax in these pools and rivers. Kick some more. A few more kicks. Good! Now you’re swimming.

Play Areas

Splash splash around the play areas of Raging Waters Water Parks. Waterfalls, water sprays and more to explore.

Kabana & Locker Rentals

Sit. Relax. Spend the day in your own private Kabana! Treat yourself and your family / group to one of our Private Kabanas or Family Kabanas located at Raging Waters Water Park on Mariner's Pier!