I like to ride my hoverboard everywhere I go, can I use it while at Morey’s Piers?

For the safety of all our Guests and Associates, motorized vehicles, including those known as hoverboards, are not permitted to be used on any Morey’s Piers property at any time.

Can I fly my drone around the piers to get video of the rides and attractions?

For the safety of all our Guests and Associates, drones and other remotely controlled flying vehicles of any type are not permitted to be flown over or around any Morey’s Piers property without proper permits and clearance from Morey’s Piers management.

Can I bring a waterproof camera to the water parks?

Cameras may be used on waterslides, including gang slides and children’s slides provided that they are secured to the guest with a manufacturer supplied attachment device that safely secures the camera to the guest with a strap or similar mounting accessory.  The camera must be secured in a way that does not interfere with the guest being able to safely ride, or meet rider requirements.

Are selfie sticks permitted at Morey’s Piers?

For the safety of all our Guests and Associates, Selfie Sticks are not permitted to be used on any Morey’s Piers property, including all rides and attractions.  These items can be extremely dangerous when used in crowded areas or while on any ride or attraction.

Q. What do we do in case of rain or severe weather?

A. The safety of our campers is of utmost importance to Morey’s Piers.  Please take a moment to read this section carefully, so you will have a complete understanding of what to do in case severe weather occurs during your event. Keep in mind that most events may still be underway even if conditions for camping are not ideal.
Prior to the start of the event: We suggest that you check our website prior to leaving home for the event. You can also call the weather hotline at 609.729.3700 ext. 1887 for weather updates.
In the event of light or sporadic rain, campers may set up camp on the beach, and the amusement rides and waterparks will open as long as conditions are safe.  If we experience heavy rain, the event may be temporarily postponed until the weather clears and rides may also temporarily close.  You may want to consider moving your tent to high ground on the beach (stay clear of areas where the water pools), or move your group to a local hotel (select a back-up hotel – or make a hotel reservation -- prior to arriving at Morey’s Piers, for a complete listing of motels in the Wildwoods, go towww.wildwoods.org).
If severe weather occurs, such as a thunderstorm, you may be asked to evacuate the beach and take shelter in your car.  If your car is within walking distance, calmly walk your entire group to the shelter of your vehicle(s).  Or, if your car is a far distance from the beach, pre-select one or more drivers to go and get your vehicles and pick up your group at the loading/unloading zone nearest to your camp site. Once you pick up your group, you must move your car to another location to wait out the storm.  Remain in your car until the severe weather passes.  Do not take shelter under the boardwalk.
Once the severe weather has passed, you may return to your tents on the beach. Please listen for any special announcements over the Morey’s Piers PA system, or from the Wildwood Police, as you return to your tents.

Q. Can we bring our own food and coolers on the beach?

A. You are permitted to bring coolers and food supplies into the camping area.  However, alcohol is prohibited.  Campers are expected to clean their campsite completely upon departure. Please leave the beach in the condition in which it was found.

Q. Is swimming in the ocean allowed?

A. Swimming without a lifeguard present is not permitted.  Lifeguards are on duty Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, 10 am till 5 pm.  Ocean swimming is at your own risk.  Children should never be allowed to swim in the ocean unless supervised by an adult with a lifeguard present.

Q. Are there quiet hours in the camp area?

A. Yes! Please observe quiet hours in the camping area from midnight to 7:00 a.m.

Q. Is overnight security provided in the camping area?

A.  Morey’s Piers works closely with the North Wildwood Police Department to ensure the safety of our guests. Wildwood Police officers patrol the beach camping area between dusk and dawn.  When you register for this event, you will receive a pennant flag that must be secured to the outside of your tent.  This flag identifies you as being a registered guest of the event.  If the flag is not visible on your tent, you will be asked to pack up and leave the camping area.

Q. Where do we unload our camping gear?

A. The loading zone is located in the parking lot located on 20th and 21st street between Hassles Ice Cream and the Boardwalk. You may park your vehicle to unload; however, you MAY NOT leave your vehicle unattended.  Plan to unload your gear, have a driver go and park your vehicle, and then meet your group at the street end or on the beach.  The same rules apply to departure.  Vehicles are NOT permitted on the beach. Morey’s Piers staff will be available at the unloading zone to help direct you to the camping area.

Q. Are campsites pre-assigned?

A. Morey’s Piers does not assign specific campsites.  Posts and flags define the camp area.  Please do not set up camp in the emergency access roads in the camp area. You’ll notice the camp area is set up in a grid pattern allowing for safe walkways and emergency vehicle traffic only.

Q. Are campfires or cooking equipment permitted on the beach?

A. Sorry, but open flames, propane, kerosene stoves and lanterns are strictly prohibited on the beach (this is a City of North Wildwood law).

Q. What camping supplies do I need to bring?

A. You must bring your own tent, sleeping bags, pillows, rain tarp, flashlights and radio (for weather updates).  We recommend bringing either sand spikes or plastic zip lock bags which can be filled with sand and placed inside your tent to secure it.  The beach can be very windy, and tents that are not secured can blow away.  Be sure to bring rain gear, just in case.

Q. What amenities are available to campers?

A. Morey’s Piers provides restroom trailers, port-a-potties and portable sinks around the perimeter of the camping area. There are showers available in Raging Waters waterpark and for some events shower trailers are set up on the beach.

Q. Where is the beach camping located?

A. The camping area is located between 18th and 22nd street in North Wildwood.  To help you get your bearings - the ocean is to the east, the Boardwalk is to the west, 18th street is north and 22nd street is south of the camping area.

Q: Are wristbands transferable?

No, wristbands are non-transferable. Transferred wristbands will become invalid for admission.

Q: What are some other safety tips I should be aware of before participating?

1. As with all physical activities, an element of risk exists in the use of waterpark attractions. Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis are participatory waterparks with physically demanding activities. It is your responsibility to know all instructions and your own limitations, physical capabilities and swimming skills prior to participating.

2. Persons who are overweight or of a “non-athletic” nature should be aware that some attractions are strenuous with high speeds and aggressive splash pool landings. If you are of a “non-athletic” nature, you should use caution when choosing which activities to participate in. Those who are “overweight” for their body type should not use these attractions.

3. The entire premises of Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis at times can be covered with water. Exercise extreme caution when walking from place to place. No running at any time! Obey Lifeguard and Staff instructions, and observe all instructional signs and recordings at all times. Failure to follow all rules, both written and verbal, can result in serious injury to yourself or others. Violation of rules will result in immediate ejection from park without refund.

4. We strongly recommend small children and non-swimmers wear a lifejacket and are accompanied by a swimming adult.

5. Glass containers, alcoholic beverages, grills, pets, snorkels and diving equipment are not allowed.

6. Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis are family orientated waterparks. Appropriate swimwear MUST be worn at all times. No “G-Strings”, “thong” swimwear, or any offensive or suggestive clothing is permitted.

7. Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis are general admission facilities. As such, all guests entering the waterparks MUST pay an admission fee. All waterpark guests MUST wear the appropriate waterpark wristband at all times.

8. Morey's Piers reserves the right to perform physical inspection of any guest or item(s) entering or exiting the park at any time. All bags are subject to search.

9. Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis are subject to close prior to posted closing time due to inclement weather, required maintenance and/or at times with extremely low attendance levels.

Q: What about water safety?

Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks are staffed with hundreds of nationally certified lifeguards and ride attendants for proper ride dispatching and guest assistance in pools. First Aid Stations are located inside both waterparks and are equipped to handle minor care emergencies. Our safety program has received national and international awards for excellence. Ride safety rules are posted at each pool and attraction. We also ask parents to teach kids about water safety before you visit. Please be sure non-swimmers or weak swimmers wear life vests.

Q: Is there a fee for babies in the waterparks?

The fee for children under three is $5.00 in both Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks. You will receive a free swim diaper with your admission. If you bring your own swim diaper the admission fee will be waived. If you provide your own swim diaper it must have elastic around the legs and all the way around the waist.

Q: Are there height requirements in the Waterparks?

At Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks, most attractions have no minimum height requirements. The WipeOut Racer Slide at Ocean Oasis all guests must be at least 42" tall to ride.

Q: What are some Waterpark Admissions Options?

Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis offer a variety of admission options including all-day, morning and After 3pm specials.  Click here for admission options and pricing.

Q: When are the waterparks open?

Traditionally, at least one Waterpark is open from Memorial Day until the weekend following Labor Day. From mid-June through Labor Day, both waterparks are fully operational for your enjoyment. Click here for our operating schedule with specific operating days and hours.

Q: Do I have to pay to use a life vest or a flotation tube at the waterparks?

Absolutely not. Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks do not require a fee for use of our life vests or flotation tubes. There are a limited number of life vests located throughout the parks in silver bins. Life vests are recommended for all guests that consider themselves to be weak or non-swimmers.

Q: Is there shade?

Some shaded seating is provided throughout the waterparks, on a first-come basis. We urge everyone to protect delicate skin from the sun with sunscreen, hats, beach footwear and lightweight shirts. You may bring these items with you, or they may be purchased at our beach shop at Ocean Oasis Waterpark on Morey's Surfside Pier.

Q: What if I run short of cash?

If you're short of cash, there are ATM services located on each Amusement Pier at Guest Services. Contact a waterpark staff member for directions.

Q: What about my valuables and personal items?

We guarantee that you will lose your glasses, keys, watches and other personal items while enjoying our attractions. Please take measures to secure all loose items prior to riding slides and attractions. Lock money and keys in a locker instead of keeping them in pockets where they may fall out while on the rides. Morey's Piers is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

Q: Do you have changing rooms?

Changing areas are located in the bathrooms at both Waterparks. Please be sure to bring swim diapers for infants. Regular diapers are not permitted in any pool or attraction. Swim diapers are available for purchase at Guest Services.

Q: What if my party gets separated?

Morey's Piers is a family friendly venue. Please choose a meeting point and communicate it to your group prior to enjoying the attractions. If in the event your group gets separated and you have looked, but are unable to find your party, Guest Services will attempt to assist by paging the members of your group.

Q: When’s the best time to visit Morey’s Beachfront Waterparks?

HOT TIP! To avoid large crowds, we suggest that you come early or late in the season. Weekends in May, early June, and September are often less crowded. Additionally, if you come early in the day, you can often avoid the crowds that build around 11am or so. Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings are often the least busy and a great time to visit if you want to avoid the crowds. In addition, Morey's Piers books large corporate picnics on various days throughout the summer. If you would like to avoid these large groups, please call ahead.

Q: What if there’s bad weather on the day of my visit?

In the event of inclement weather, our attractions will attempt to remain open.  Closing times and operating hours are subject to change at any time based on various factors including weather (lightning, wind, temperature) and crowd conditions.

Q: What are the best places to go with a toddler?

We never forget the little ones! Both Waterparks have large children’s areas for your children to enjoy. Ocean Oasis Waterpark & Beach Club on Morey's Surfside Pier features Bonsai Beach, an interactive water play area for kids of all ages. Raging Waters on the Morey's Mariner's Landing Pier is where you'll discover Shipwreck Shoals, a 10,000-square-foot pirate adventure featuring cannons that shoot water, Camp KidTastrophe and water slides sized just right for your little ones.

Q: Is there a dress code?

Morey's Piers is a family destination. As such, clothing with profanity, illegal substances and other suggestive or offensive material is prohibited. Appropriate  swimwear must be worn at all times while visiting our waterparks. No “G-Strings”, “thong” swimwear, or any offensive or suggestive clothing is permitted Please ensure that your swimsuit is free of buttons, zippers, or snaps that could be abrasive to other swimmers or yourself. Swim diapers are required of all children under 3 years of age. All shoes, including water shoes are not permitted on any slide in the water parks.

Q: Are lockers available?

Lockers are available for rent at both Waterparks and are accessible only to those enjoying the park. A limited number of lockers for storing belongings are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Please ensure that you have removed all belongings from your locker prior to leaving the park. Belongings left in lockers after closing will not be accessible until the next scheduled operating day. Lockers are also available at Guest Services on Mariner's Landing and Surfside Pier.

Q: Can I visit both waterparks with a waterpark wristband?

You may only visit both waterparks on the same day with an all day admission.

Q: Can a combination wristband (Splash and Ride) be used on different days?

Yes, the waterpark portion may be used on a separate day than the amusement portion.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Q: What’s the weather like in Wildwood?

Wildwood weather is usually warm and humid in the mid summer. Dress for comfort. Wear sneakers to avoid blisters, and wear lots of sunscreen. Also, make sure you drink lots of water when in the sun for long periods. If it does rain, don't worry, many rides and attractions will remain open in a light rain. Any rides that do close will reopen as soon as safely possible.

Q: What should I do if I lose sight of my children?

Lost Parents should visit Guest Services or ask any associate for assistance. Morey's Piers staff will immediately escort any child who appears to be lost to Guest Services.

Q: Is smoking permitted on the piers and waterparks?

Smoking is limited to designated areas on all three of our Piers. At our Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks, smoking is prohibited. There are designated areas outside of the waterparks.

Q: Can your employees watch my stuff?

Unfortunately, no. Our staff is primarily concerned with the safe operation of our rides and attractions. As such, Morey's Piers staff cannot be responsible for any personal items including strollers, cameras, stuffed animals or purses. Please leave these items with a non-rider or rent a locker on Mariner's Landing Pier or Sufside Pier.

Q: Where should I go with questions?

If you have a question that is not answered on this website, please contact us. Once at the piers, all your questions can be answered at Guest Services located at all three piers and both waterparks.

Q: When is the best time to purchase a Season Pass?

Season passes are on sale during our annual Holiday Sale, which begins in December, at the lowest price available. Check our web site at that time of the year for specific dates. Season passes may be purchased at any time after the Holiday Sale at regular price.

Q: Are there many rides for kids?

YES! We have over 70 rides (more than virtually any other amusement park), over 20 of which are for little kids!

Q: Do parents need tickets or a wristband to ride with their children?

Yes. While admission to the Amusement Piers is free, every rider must have the appropriate value of tickets on a Wild Card or a valid wristband to ride. However, with our Parent’s Limited Ride Pass, a single adult may ride on select rides while accompanying a paying child who does not meet the height requirements. Look for a designated sticker on the ride's height sign. These rides include the Carousel, Howitzer, Jump Around, Kiddie Train, Tiny Tea Party on Surfside Pier and Carousel, Convoy, Pink Elephants, Airplanes on Mariner's Pier.

Q: Can I take pictures and video while on the rides?

For your safety and the safety of others, pictures and video taping or filming on rides is not permitted. However, we will permit these activities to be carried out by adults on the Giant Wheel, Sky Ships and Balloon Race, all of which are located on our Mariner's Landing Pier.

Q: Will I be able to ride by myself or with a large group on every ride?

Due to balancing and other requirements, some rides are unable to accommodate single riders, especially during very busy periods. In these situations, we will attempt to place single riders together in a timely fashion to avoid inconvenience. In addition, our Operations Associates may request that you or your group sit in certain seats, or with others not in your party, to satisfy operating requirements such as balancing.

Q: What if my child is too small to ride?

Kids come in all sizes, just like our thrilling rides. Most rides have height requirements that all guests must meet in order to ride alone or, in some cases, to ride at all. To ensure the safety our guests, Morey's Piers staff has been trained to strictly enforce all requirements, and will do so regardless of the situation. As such, there will be occasions when a child is on the borderline of meeting a requirement. To help ensure consistency, Morey's Piers has developed an Official Height Measurement Program, available at any Pier Guest Services. If your child is on the borderline of any height requirement, please come to Guest Services upon your arrival and ask to be officially measured. An Associate will measure your child on a hospital quality Stadiometer and issue a wristband noting his or her exact height. Your child will still be measured at every ride, but if there is a question concerning height, the Operator will check the wristband and allow your child to ride if appropriate. We also offer our Parent’s Limited Ride Pass which permits a single adult to ride on select rides while accompanying a paying child who does not meet the height requirements. Look for a designated sticker on the ride's height sign or ask Guest Services.

Q: Do the amusement rides have height requirements?

Yes, most rides do have height and/or other requirements. All requirements are posted at each ride entrance. Please visit the rides page for more information. For your safety, all requirements will be strictly enforced at all times. Morey's Piers offers Official Height Measurement at any Pier Guest Services.

If your child is on the borderline of any height requirement, please come to Guest Services upon your arrival and ask to be officially measured. An Associate will measure your child on a hospital quality Stadiometer and issue a wristband noting his or her exact height. Your child will still be measured at every ride, but if there is a question concerning height, the Operator will check the wristband and allow your child to ride if appropriate.

Q: Who decides what the height requirements on each ride are supposed to be?

All rider requirements, including height, age, and weight restrictions, are determined by ride manufactures, the state of New Jersey, and Morey's Piers Management. All rider requirements are FOR YOUR SAFETY, are not negotiable, and will be strictly enforced at all times. Morey's Piers offers Official Height Measurement at any Pier Guest Services. If your child is on the borderline of any height requirement, please come to Guest Services upon your arrival and ask to be officially measured. An Associate will measure your child on a hospital quality Stadiometer and issue a wristband noting his or her exact height. Your child will still be measured at every ride, but if there is a question concerning height, the Operator will check the wristband and allow your child to ride if appropriate.

Q: Is every ride and attraction included with a Season Pass or Wristband?

Not on the Amusement Piers. While there are over 70 rides that are included with Season Passes and Pier Wristbands, certain rides and attractions - such as all Go Kart tracks, SkyCoasters, SkyScraper, SpringShot, High Flyer, Screamin' Swing, and Boat Tag are not included. These are considered additional pay attractions and are not included in our Wristband or Season Pass programs.

Q: How many roller coasters does Morey’s Piers have?

We have 6 coasters, all of varying sizes and types.

Q: Does Morey’s Piers offer overnight accommodations?

Yes! Morey Hospitality has many wonderfull accommodations to choose from, all located within walking distance of the piers and boardwalk. Please click here for information.

Q: Does Morey’s Piers have parking available?

Ample parking is available right off the boardwalk close to all three piers.

Q: Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes. You can buy general admission tickets, season passes, events tickets, recharge your Wild Card and more. Click here to purchase your tickets.

Q: Can I bring my pet or service animal with me?

Guide dogs and other service animals are welcome. To ensure the safety of you and your service animal, Morey's Piers does not permit service animals on most rides and attractions. Pets are not permitted at Morey's Piers under any circumstances.

Q: Are there public phones available?

Sorry, we do not have public phones in the parks.

Q: Are Season Passes transferable?

No, Season Passes are non-transferable. You will receive an ID with your season pass purchase. All season pass holders MUST present their pass at Guest Services in order to receive a wristband. One ride and one waterpark wristband may be granted per season pass holder per day.

Q: Does the Wild Card Tickets lose their value over time?

The card does not lose value. And since our "tickets" never expire, a ticket purchased today for $1.10 is worth 1 ticket regardless of whether we increase the individual ticket price.

Q: Does Wild Card Tickets expire?

No. Wild Card ride tickets never expire. (Nor do the Waterpark 4-Pak, Waterpark 10-Pak or any Morey's Piers Gift Card.)

Q: Does the Wild Card replace wristbands?

No. You can still buy a wristband for rides and waterpark fun.

Q: Does the Wild Card replace my Season Pass (or Easy Rider pass)?

No. The Wild Card replaces tickets ONLY. You’ll still receive a Season Pass card and use it to redeem a wristband upon each visit.

Q: Will I get a Wild Card instead of a Waterpark 4-Pak or 10-Pak?

No. You will still receive vouchers that you’ll redeem for wristbands.

Q: Does the Wild Card replace Gift Cards?

The Wild Card does not replace Gift Cards. Gift Cards will still be available for purchases of $100, $75, $50 and $25 and can be applied toward any purchase at any of Morey’s Piers Ticket Booths, Guest Services, Waterparks, or the Gift Shop on Mariners Landing.

Q: How will I know How many tickets are left on my Wild Card?

In addition to being able to check at the kiosks and Guest Services, the balance will be automatically displayed each time you scan your card to get on a ride.

Q: What if we lose the card?

Your online registration will enable us to reissue you a new Wild Card with the balance that remains at the time of our notification of the lost card. Click here to register you card.

Q: Can I split the tickets on my Wild onto two or three cards? My kids like different kinds of rides

Yes. If you need to split your card, just visit Guest Services during park operating hours.

Q: What is a Wild Card?

A Wild Card is a card that stores the number of tickets you purchase. The value of the tickets you buy will be loaded onto a Wild Card.

Q: Can I bring my scooter or rollerblades with me?

Morey's Piers is a family destination. As such, radios, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, etc... are not permitted on Morey's Piers property at any time. Bicycles are only permitted before 10 AM. Morey's Piers reserves the right to remove from the premises, without refund, any individual that prevents others from enjoying the Piers.

Q: What type of shops does Morey’s Piers have?

The Morey Store, located on Mariner's Landing Pier near Guest Services sells apparel, books, souvenirs and more. Our Ocean Oasis Gift Shop can supply you with suntan lotion, plush towels, souvenirs, underwater cameras and more to enhance your day in the sun.

Q: Where are the restrooms and what about baby changing stations?

Morey's Piers' restrooms and baby changing facilities are located under the Sea Serpent Roller Coaster at Mariner's Landing Pier, behind the Great Nor'Easter on Surfside Pier, under the Great White roller coaster station at Aventure Pier and in both Waterparks. City owned restrooms are also available across the Boardwalk from the Adventure and Surfside Piers, as well as various other locations along the Boardwalk. Handicapped accessible restrooms are located at all three piers.

Q: Who shouldn’t ride and slide?

Every guest has different capabilities and limitations. Guests with temporary disabilities (such as casts and braces), as well as very tall or large framed guests, may be prohibited from riding many rides for safety reasons. Guests with heart or back conditions, as well as expectant mothers, should not participate in most rides. Please direct any further questions concerning your individual situation to Guests Services.

Q: What is Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks?

Morey's Piers is a family owned amusement and waterpark complex located right on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. We have three huge amusement piers and two sparkling waterparks. Our company was started in 1968, with the installation of the Giant Slide on Morey's Surfside Pier, by our founders Will and Bill Morey. Since then, Morey's Piers has grown to over 80 rides and attractions, plus two Beachfront Waterparks located at the end of the Morey's Surfside and Morey's Mariner's Landing Piers. Both Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis Waterparks opened in the mid 1980's and today include over 50 water oriented rides, slides, and attractions, plus a Beach Grill and Oasis Cafe to satisfy those hearty appetites.

Q: Are ride tickets valid year after year?

Yes, Wild Card tickets have no expiration date. If you have old tickets, bring them to Guest Services and we’ll load them onto a Wild Card for you.

Q: What should I do if my child needs a band aid?

A First Aid station is available to our guests in each pier and waterpark. First aid on Surfside Pier is located next to the Great Nor'Easter roller coaster, behind the Mini Scooter Bumper Cars on Mariner's Landing Pier, and under the Great White roller coaster station on Adventure Pier.

Q: What is the pay, what hours will I have to work, and how much can I work?

WAGES: All employees earn a base wage of at least $8.25 per hour.

WORK SCHEDULE: Minors, under the age of 18, may work up to 40 hours per week. Employees 18 years of age and older are not limited to 40 hours per week. Hours scheduled are determined between the park and employee. During peak season, there are opportunities to work as many hours as you want.

GENERAL SHIFT TIMES: Piers (including ride operations, food services, game operations, park services, retail sales and guest services): Generally, the piers schedule shifts between 11am and midnight. Once a week employees will be required to attend an in-service. Waterparks: The waterparks schedule shifts between 8:30am and 7:00pm. Once a week lifeguards will be required to attend in-service at 7:30am and guest service associates will attend in-service at the park’s closing time. Click here for more benefit information.

Q: What qualifications must I have?

Piers (including ride operations, food services, game operations, park services, retail sales and guest services): To work in pier operations, you must be 16 years of age. Employees must demonstrate maturity, professionalism and be safety conscious. Ride Operator Certification and training is provided on site.

Waterparks: To work as a Lifeguard or in Guest Services at Raging Waters or Ocean Oasis, you must be at least 16 years of age. Employees must demonstrate maturity and professionalism. Lifeguard and guest service training is provided on-site.

Please Note: Employees from the US must be able to work Memorial Day Weekend.

Q: Does Morey’s Piers offer internships?

Yes. We have a limited number of internships available covering a wide range of disciplines.

Q: What type of certification do lifeguards require?

You do not need any lifeguard training prior to your employment; we will train all employees. The training course usually lasts 5 days. We pay for your certification (an $85 value) and course materials (books, etc.) AND we give you a $125 successful course completion signing bonus (provided you pass the course). The prerequisites for the course include: 200 yard swim (4 laps in a standard sized pool), retrieve a 10-pound brick from the bottom of the pool. The course will teach you everything you need to know to work at Raging Waters or Ocean Oasis, including water rescue skills, scanning techniques, basic first aid, CPR, and park-specific operating procedures.

Q: How old do I have to be to work at Morey’s Piers?

You must be at least 16 years of age to work at Morey's Piers.

Q: How many people work there?

Morey's Piers hires approximately 1500 seasonal associates each season. The majority are either lifeguards, ride operators, or food & beverage associates. Morey's Piers is a team environment! We work hard but our goal is to have fun doing it. We are selective in our hiring: we put together a group of people that act and function as a team. We look forward to talking to you, reaching our goals with fun, and having you as a team member! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: If you work at Morey’s Piers, where can you live?

Housing in Wildwood is independently owned and operated. You would have to contact individual landlords/real estate agencies to secure accommodations. We recommend that you either search the classified ads in local newspapers, the Cape May County Herald and Wildwood Leader (both papers are free and available online), or contact a local real estate agent, of which there are an abundance in this area.

Q: What do I wear?

Pier Operations - (ride operations, food services, games operator, park services, and guest services) You must provide cotton, tan shorts, and closed toe flat shoes. Pier operators may purchase additional uniform items, such as baseball hats and shorts, at cost. Waterparks: Lifeguards - bathing suit, tank top, t-shirt, whistle, visor. You must stay until Labor Day to avoid uniform charges. Lifeguards must provide their own sunglasses by the first day of employment. Windbreakers and dry bags are optional and and will be made available upon request. When lifeguarding you must wear your hat, suit, sunglasses, and tank top at all times for both identification and skin protection. Guest Services employees must provide their own tan shorts. 

Q: What benefits do I get from working there? Do I get a free pass?

The job has many benefits and incentives. Benefits include: flexible working environment; opportunity to meet many new people from all over the world; being outside in a professional environment. Our employee incentive program includes: use of Morey's Piers rides and attractions; 50% off coupons for your friends and family; free internet access; employee discounts at some local businesses; employee parties and functions such as soccer, BBQs, miniature golf tournaments, waterpark parties, pizza parties, etc.; bus Trips to NYC, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlantic City, baseball games, concerts, shopping trips. We try to have a function every week. We also have on-the-spot passes (passes for free dinners or movies, etc.) for exceeding job expectations. Click here for more incentive information.