Climb up. Strap in. Hold on as spring power and steel aircraft cables send you straight up into the air.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it alone. Two can ride the Springshot so if you have to hold someone’s hand and count to three, you better count quicker because this thing is about to launch you and your pal to speeds over 75 MPH.

Once you’re back down to the ground at a not-as-fast 0 MPH, you can buy a DVD of the whole thing we filmed.

Single Rider: $32.50 + Applicable Taxes
Double Riders: $55 + Applicable Taxes
The Package Deal: 2 riders, 2 T-Shirts, 1 Flash Drive for only $80!
The Ticket Option: 30 per rider

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Funtime Handels Gesmbh

Safety Information

Must be 44" tall to ride. Guests must have upper body control, one leg, and complete use of at least one hand in order to ride. Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance. This ride is not included in Morey's Piers daily ride wristband and/or Season Pass program.