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Today Tuesday May 28


Balloon Race

Take a whimsical flight in a "hot air balloon" and absorb the sights of Surfside Pier from another level.

Balloon Race

A miniature Ferris Wheel featuring eight brightly colored balloons. Families can enjoy a gentile ride together while taking in the sights of Mariner's Pier.


Take a spin on one of our two 44 foot Venetian carousels that feature beautiful hand painted horses, swings, chariots and even spinning cups. Build family memories together to the tune of traditional carousel music.


Our TWO 44 foot Venetian carousels feature beautiful hand painted horses, swings, chariots, and spinning cups. Relax to traditional carousel music while enjoying this classic ride with your family.

Crazy Bus

This goofy bus will take children and their parents on a fun circular ride both forwards and backwards.

Doo Wopper

Take a wild ride through zig-zagging turns and undulating hills on this modern version of a classic wild mouse coaster.

Runaway Tram

Even small children can have that coaster experience with this new family-friendly ride.

Flying Galleons

This powered monorail takes you on a relaxing trip around our Raging Waters Water Park.

Giant Wheel

We’re talking about a giant ferris wheel — one of the largest on the east coast. At 156 feet in height, the Giant Wheel provides the best views of the island.

Kang'A Bounce

Have a blast of family fun! Bounce and laugh together while sitting side by side in kangaroo themed seats!

Kite Flyer

Go on a hang gliding adventure with your family! Lie down on your stomach while the ride gently rises in the air, simultaneously rotating and oscillating in a gentle wave pattern. A wonderful flying experience for the entire family.


The roar is unmistakable. It can only mean one thing: The boardwalk beast is back.

Moby Dick

Set sail to Morey’s for a chill family-friendly boat ride that’ll leave your head spinning faster than even the meatiest prose.

Musik Express

This classic family thrill ride is operated both forward and in reverse with high energy music and a live DJ providing extra excitement. Hold on tight as the centrifugal force pushes you against the side of the seat!

Pirates of the Wildwoods

Tourists beware! The Pirates in this 3D adventure want to keep the Wildwoods to themselves, and will do almost anything to scare tourists away!


Land, hoooo — oh, hold on. No, we are actually very far from land. The ship seems to be rising into the air at an alarming speed.

Rock and Roll

Highlighted by music, flashing lights, and swinging cars, the Rock and Roll is a sure family pleaser. As speed builds, centrifugal force makes the cars swing farther and farther outward, pushing thrills to the limit!

Rockin' Tug

Families can set sail for adventure on this rocking, whirling tugboat.

Rollie's Coaster

Up to four guests at a time can enjoy this family roller coaster featuring three hills and a helix!

Seagull Cycles

These pedal powered seagulls ride on a monorail that takes you around our Raging Waters Water Park.

Sunny's Lookout Lighthouse

Sunny C. Gull, our fun loving, huggable mascot, has an exciting ride! Sunny's Lookout Lighthouse is an interactive family ride giving you the ability to have total control over your experience. Once seated, simply grab hold of a rope and pull. The quicker you pull the rope, the faster you climb to t…

Super Scooters

Bumper cars for the big kids!

Tea Cups

This classic spinning ride is fun for the whole family. Sitting in an English style teacup, you get to choose how much you spin while you rotate around the biggest teapot you've ever seen!


This classic family ride is still a joy for the young and the young at heart.


This Victorian themed ride will have you rocking and spinning in a classic, but unique, style.

Wacky Whip

Families travel in “race cars” through an oval that "whips" them around 180-degree turns. This is a new version of an amusement park classic.

Wave Swinger

This classic swing ride will allow you to take a thrilling flight over Morey's Piers. While the ride originally featured a Victorian theme, today you will find a hand painted history of the Wildwoods accompanying you on your flight.

Wild Whizzer

This family coaster will have families spinning wildly through a wacky summer seascape.

Zoom Phloom

Cool off on one of the longest, tallest, and steepest log flumes on the East Coast! Two coaster-like drops culminate in just the right amount of splash for those hot summer days and nights!

The best the greatest...enough said!!! Food, rides, views, games is great for the family.. something for everyone!!!

Barbara - Marlton, NJ