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Today Tuesday May 21

The Great Nor'Easter

50 MPH of Freedom

Unleash the newly refurbished Great Nor’Easter roller coaster. The upgraded coaster now boasts a 95-foot drop, a sleek ocean-themed paint job and 2,170 feet of new and improved track that will deliver a smoother and faster ride for adrenaline-seeking guests.

  • tickets per guest:


  • speed:

    over 50 mph

  • ride type:


Surfside Surfside Surfside Surfside


Mariner's Mariner's Mariner's Mariner's


Adventure Adventure Adventure Adventure



The Great Nor'Easter

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Vekoma International

Safety Information

Must be 52” tall to ride. Maximum height of 79”. Loose footwear not permitted. Loose articles such as cell phones, change, keys, etc MUST be left with a non-rider or ride locker storage near the entrance to the ride. Due to the design of the restraint system, large framed guests may not be permitted to ride. Further restrictions posted at the ride entrance. 

Accessibility Information

Ramped access via ride entrance.