David Macomber

David Macomber is an East Coast American artist. David finds his inspiration in traditional pop and modern street art. Mixing these metropolitan influences with his relationship to the ocean - he has developed a style labeled as “Urban Nautical.” He takes pictures and then puts paint on top of those pictures to help tell the story of how beautiful, strong and unpredicatable God’s ocean can be. He also failed english class & never completed art college.

"I was born at the peak of summer, by the beaches of New Jersey. Coming from a commercial fishing family, I understand first hand that all life revolves around the power of the sea. This knowledge and experience, naturally bleeds into my daily creative process." - David Macomber


              You can find David's art throughout the piers and plastered on the ticket booths of Adventure Pier.


In Januuary of 2012 David Macomber spent a day at Morey’s Piers creating an 8 x 20 foot mixed medium mural symbolizing the strength and unity of New Jersey communities affected by Hurricane Sandy in October. The mural was cut into 30 pieces that were auctioned off, raising over $3000 for WavesforWater.org to benefit New Jersey shore towns that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Visit his website at sharksugar.com