5 Secrets from an Event Planner – Weddings

February 26, 2011 by Kristel Fillmore in Events

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Secrets from an Event Planner – Weddings

Everyone is an event planner at some point or another. You may not think about it, but you are – Birthdays, Graduations & Weddings, for example. So, being a professional event planner I am going to share some secrets with you in my next few posts to help the next time you wear the “event planner hat.” Since, I’m getting married very soon…

So what does a professional event planner from an amusement park do when she gets engaged?

Here’s where the secrets come in…

The job of an event planner is to think in a linear, detailed way…along with a side dish of crazy ideas. So, here is what my first 5 steps were…

I’m not making this a step because it should happen before the steps even start…DECIDE WHAT YOUR BUDGET is and then scale it back $5,000 so when you go over, you’re still ok (events rarely stay within the originally planned budget).

1. I picked a time of year that works best with the rest of my life (no need, in my case, to make the summer even more crazy then it already is).

SIDE NOTE: Planning a wedding in the off season mid-January through March and on a Friday night can help keep costs and minimum guest counts down if on a tight budget.

2. I made it personal (cookie cutter events are easy). We love snowboarding and the winter, but we did not want the traditional icy blue/silver theme of a winter wedding. Our wedding is black and pink with snowflakes, snowboards, fireplaces, candles and a hot specialty drink to warm you up when you arrive.

3. Decide what look and feel you want your guests to have when they arrive (the WOW factor). We wanted our guests to feel warm and romantic (fireplaces & candles).

4. Then after step 3, look for a location. Many brides & grooms forget step 3 and move right to step 4, but if you don’t know what feeling you want then you really have no idea for a location either.

5. Decide what is important to you. For me it was; photographer, entertainment and good food, fast. These are the items I splurged on.  Yes, I cared about my dress, but it was more important to me that everyone dances and lets loose.

Newly engaged? Wedding quickly approaching like mine? Post your questions here and I will help, unless I’m on my honeymoon!

See you at the shore,



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