An Ivy League Bathroom

April 25, 2011 by George Rohman in

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It has been a long winter here at Morey’s Piers, and for folks like myself who have been cooped up for the past six months planning for 2011, it doesn’t take a lot to get us excited.

Back in the Fall, the company came to the conclusion that we have outgrown our two current full-time staff restrooms that exist in our main administrative offices on Mariner’s Landing.  So the decision was made to construct a third restroom.  Employee morale went through the roof!

So after weeks of discussions, deliberations and committee meetings, a location was chosen to construct the new restroom in an existing underutilized mail room closet.  And after several weeks of banging, sawing and painting, a new restroom was born!

Now this isn’t any ordinary restroom.  When it comes to restrooms, this is the crème de la crème…state of the art…  The design work was handed over to Rich Stokes of Stokes Architecture in Philadelphia.  If you don’t know Rich, he is a world renowned, accomplished, Ivy League educated architect.  Well qualified for this important project.  And by using his Penn and Kent State education, Stokes hit a home run.

In addition to a beautiful tile floor and wanes coat wall finishes, all of the fixtures are “hands free.”  And in true Morey fashion, there is even a urinal on the wall to better accommodate the males on the team.

All in all this new restroom is something we should be proud of.  I can’t wait for the next addition, whatever that may be.  Could it be a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired office expansion?


Sharell Alfredo says:

June 23, 2011 at 10:58 am

Thank you so much for bothering to line all of this out for us. This kind of blog post has been incredibly helpful if you ask me.

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