Back to School

September 23, 2013 by Kristel Fillmore in Community

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Back to School

Most of us at Morey’s are not too excited when we start seeing the back to school advertisements. It usually means the end of summer is near and we are forced back into our offices to start planning for next summer. And then there is Katarina, our School Programs Girl, who just loves it. Look at her, she even looks like a serious teacher. One of her jobs here at the piers is Brand Ambassador of our school programs. She helps football teams get new uniforms, senior classes pay for their proms and of course student trips to Morey’s Piers. She makes this happen with all the School Programs at Morey’s Piers. The “Fun”draiser, Class Trips and Teacher Appreciation Day are what keeps her busy in the fall and spring. In between she sells Corporate Picnics, the Campground Program and whatever else people throw at her.

The girl is a professional juggler, as many of us are at the piers and here’s why she loves her job…

"There is never a dull day in the Group Sales Department at Morey’s Piers.  One day I am scheduling class trips and running corporate outings, then the next day I'm talking to teachers at conventions and playing balloon toss on the beach by the afternoon.  I love every bit of it! The most exciting part of my job is overseeing a project from the initial set up through the very end. It gets my creative juices flowing and it’s fun.  Then, at the end of the day I can get rid of any excess energy on some rides, like the Crazy Bus."


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