Birth of the Coasters- Top 10 Facts

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Birth of the Coasters- Top 10 Facts

TOP 10 Facts at Birth

1. The Sea Serpent cost $1,100,000, a quarter of what it would cost today.

2. The original Sea Serpent is located in Belgium, where Will Morey Sr. and Jack Morey tested it for purchase in 1983.

3. The Great White is the second classic wooden coaster in the WORLD to incorporate a steel frame superstructure.

4. The Great Nor’Easter began a vibrant shade of fuchsia.

5. During the opening ceremony of the Great White, the Flying Elvis
(a 10-member parachute team who performed in Elvis Presley costumes) joined the team as a marketing stunt.

6. The Great Nor’Easter had to be custom designed to maneuver around the Raging Waters water slides

7. The Sea Serpent was the first seaside park-looping coaster in the WORLD.

8. The Great Nor’Easter was named after the storms that pummel the Jersey Shore every year.

9. Between 1995 and 1996 the Morey’s spent $14,000,000 marketing both the creation of the Great Nor’Easter and the Great White.

10. The Great White utilizes two Philadelphia Toboggan Company trains.


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