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April 23, 2011 by Maggie Warner in

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A nightly stroll along our piers can surely drive your senses into overload; the roar of the roller coaster as it loops, twists and twirls in the air, the brightness of lights shining and blinking at you from every which way, the song of the carousel as it goes around and round, and the smiles permanently attached to the children’s faces.

These smiles, thrills, and memories are greatly due to the hard work, talent, and dedication of our maintenance technicians.  Unfortunately there is no giant switch that we can just flip on each night (although that would be a lot easier).  It takes a team of skilled electricians and mechanics to ensure that our rides, slides, and everything in between are fully operational and ready for fun!

Our maintenance technicians are skilled professionals who are committed to providing our guests with industry leading amusement safety.  Whether it’s climbing The Great White, a whopping 110 feet in the air, or working on the state of the art computerized lighting system for the Giant Wheel, our technicians are dedicated to making our guests’ experience one that’s worth coming back for.

If you’re a qualified, skilled electrician or mechanic and the thought of a hands on, high energy, fast paced environment excites you then why not consider using your skills within the Amusement Industry.  Bring on your A game and experience thrills as you make a career at one of the best seaside amusement parks in the world.  So put your best foot forward and show off your skills.

Qualified individuals can submit an application by visiting www.moreyspiersapplyonline.com and choosing Rides & Attractions Maintenance Mechanic.


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