Ghost Ship Make-Up Time-lapse

Ghost Ship Make-Up Time-lapse

Ever wonder how the ghostly crew of the Ghost Ship look so ghoulish when you walk through the halls of the Ignis Fatuus? Well wonder no more. This week I stepped into the haunted bowels of the giant ship and set up a camera up in front of Jonathan Zober, one of our Ghost Ship ghouls, to get an up close and personal look at how he transforms from human flesh to ghostly ghoul.

Watch as our make-up specialist Erin Watson, artfully paints, daps, and blots away 3 terrifying make-up styles.  Who says it’s too early for a good fright? Are you brave enough to step inside?  If so, the come see Jon and the rest of our terrifying Ghost Ship crew on Ignis Fatuus, located on Mariner’s Pier!




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