How’s This for a DESIGN BUILD Project??

To the shrieking of my brother’s and our CFO’s voice, I just gotta tell you how much I love a design build project.

Pictured here is Pete Bieling, part of the infamous father and son team that successfully helped us to re-position the old Raging Waters at Surfside Pier into Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club. Pete is doing a sketch for what the old Hurricane Hole in Raging Waters will look like when we open Memorial Weekend of 2012.  In the background is the actually area that he is drawing a rendering of while the demolition is in progress.

Hey I love architects (especially Rich Stokes who, in all fairness, helped to conceive the master plan), but to watch the actual artist who will help carve the rocks in the field drawing the creation moments before the construction begins… ahhhhhh, that is really really exciting for me.  As the geeky computer tech said in Jurassic Park… “Boy this is Great!!”


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