It’s a Dirty Job

Friday was an unbelievably gorgeous day that inflicted us all with a little summer fever. While those stuck in the offices all day had their sad faces pasted to the windows all day, the maintenance and facilities team got to soak up the sun… and maybe a little concrete.

The foundation for “it” looks more like a hole in the newly extended bit of boardwalk than the site of something exciting. In fact, everyone is just referring to the site as “the hole,” but when the concrete trucks arrived Friday it really started to feel like things were coming together.

Each of four pillars needed to be filled with concrete to secure the foundation and “legs” of the new ride. At 150 cubic feet each, it took five full cements trucks to fill just one pillar!

But, hey! We definitely don’t want “it” to get loose and wreak havoc on The Wildwoods.


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