Leave Your Baggage At Home

April 8, 2014 by Kristel Fillmore in

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Leave Your Baggage At Home

Wild Women’s Weekend” at the Pan American Hotel is right around the corner, and we have been getting ladies from near and far that can’t wait to come down for a pre-summer escape.  Who can blame them? I thought since I am completely jealous that I can’t attend Wild Women’s Weekend, I’d invite everyone else and give some reasons why YOU should!

1) Stress Relief:  From juggling your careers, chores, maybe families and children as well, we all could use a little stress relief.  Put your laptop and cell phone down, turn your out of office reminder on, and head to the shore for a deep breath of our fresh salt air.

2) Celebrate: There are so many things in life to celebrate.  Birthdays, weddings, personal triumphs, to career changes or promotions. Find a reason to celebrate, call the girls and pack your bags!

3) It’s Spring:  Winter is officially over!!  All of the days and nights you were stuck inside this winter without being able to move your car, just seems like a wonderful reason to offer you and the girls different scenery.

4) Wine Tour:  This is where I would personally stop reading and pick up the phone to make your reservations, but let’s see how many of you love wine like me and my girlfriends! There’s a wine tour included in the pricing for 2 local wineries, as well as front door transportation.  No driving, wine samples, girl time.  Are you dialing yet?

5) Amusement:  No one can make me laugh quite like my best friends, but I was actually speaking of the Amusement Passes to Morey’s Piers included with your package. 

Have fun. Unwind. Decompress. Laugh. Catch up. Relax. Try something new. Get fit. `Go out, or stay in. Go Shopping. Gossip. Take tons of pictures. Make memories. Hit the beach. However you decide to spend your Wild Women’s Weekend with us, we invite you to leave your baggage at home!


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