Piece By Piece

November 4, 2016 by Maggie Warner in

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Piece By Piece


So how do you re-track a giant roller coaster?  Well, piece by piece of course! Construction is well underway on the new re-tracking project for the famed Great Nor'Easter.  Construction quickly got underway on Sept. 6th and the hustle and bustle hasn't let up since. The project is on track to be completed in the spring with an anticipated opening date in May.  Here are a few photos of the progress along with some fun facts about this project!


Number of Track Pieces: 62

Weight of Each Track Piece: Between 4000-6000 lbs.

Material of New Track: Steel

Length of Track Being Replaced: 1,820 ft.

Height and Weight of Crane Being Used: 280' and 250 tons

Cost of Project: 5 million 

Manufacturer: Vekoma Rides






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