Tony Luke’s 5 lb. Cheesesteak Challenge on Adventure Pier

July 17, 2014 by Tim Samson in

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Tony Luke’s 5 lb. Cheesesteak Challenge on Adventure Pier

For the first time in the history of ever, a day-to-day food eating challenge will be held on Morey’s Piers. Tony Luke’s, Philly's famous cheesesteak joint, has set up shop on Adventure Pier to bring a taste of brotherly love to the Jersey Shore. Every day at 5pm guests can order a 5 lb. cheesesteak that is to be eaten in 30 minutes. Could you do it? Would you even DARE to do it?

This isn't some wimpy challenge; the cheesesteak is MASSIVE. It is meat and cheese in all its glory, loaded onto a soft, Italian hoagie roll. Tony Luke's has it down to a science: 6 cheesesteaks worth of meat, 30 slices of American cheese, 2 pounds of onions, and a full loaf of bread.

You’ll be eating only high-quality products. All steak is 100% rib-eye, USDA approved Black Angus Beef; it is ranked in the top 4% of beef worldwide. American, Kraft Cheez Whiz, or Provolone is available at your choice. They are famous for making it right, and making it well.

Winners get more than just a pat on the back. All those who can stomach the challenge, and make it through until the end will win a free gift card to the Tony Luke's store in Wildwood Crest. If you happen to be the fastest eater of the week, they'll also reward you with a free pass to Morey's Piers water parks. Now THAT is a cheesesteak challenge worth taking.

Two of Morey’s Piers employees as well as a guest to the piers competed against the clock. Watch to see below if they persevered, or failed miserably! It’s definitely entertaining.





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