Training for the Wild Half- Week 4

July 19, 2011 by Tim Samson in Events

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This is a guest post from Jen Newman from Jen in Real Lifewho will chronicle her journey as she trains for the Wild Half. If you would like to be a guest blogger for the Beachfront Blog, please email us at social.media@moreyspiers.com.

I am going with something new for my recap this week. I am posting my workouts daily at dailymile.com. I am pretty detailed in my dailymile posts so I am not going to rehash here in a weekly recap. That is just boring. Instead I am going to share pictures and stories or lessons from the past week.

Last week the heat of summer hit me hard. Temps have already hit 90+ and let’s not even get started about the humidity.

So, I altered my running plans. I am normally an afternoon/night runner. However, when its 90* and humid and the sun is blazing in my face its not that easy to want to run at my normal time.

Morning running takes planning and preparations. I pack a gym bag (my handy dandy Polar gym bag) and I set it out on my table before I go to bed. I don’t go to a gym but I pack the bag so when I wake up in the morning everything is ready to go.

I found I enjoy running when I do my thing…run my way. I am a slow runner and that is okay with me! I am a runner who uses the Galloway method of run:walk:run and that is okay with me!

I have learned that I need to eat within 30 minutes of completing a run….especially my long weekend runs. After completing 4.5 miles I needed some fuel but I had errands to go run. I stopped at a 7-11 and grabbed a few things! I probably won’t ever go for the Special K bar again – it was way too chewy and that bugged my jaw but the banana and gatorade are sort of a go-to!


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