Wild Half Training Week 3

June 4, 2012 by Tim Samson in Events

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Wild Half Training Week 3

Week 3 training for the Wild Half Marathon started out tough…my times were down and I was forcing myself to get out and run but than I got to my long run of the week and decided I needed to get motivated if I was going to be able to complete 5 miles. I decided to read some motivational quotes on the Internet about running and asked people for help and support and by Friday to my surprise I did it. I ran 5 miles in 57:10 with no walking or stopping. My motivation is back! I always wanted to be able to say, “Ya, I ran 5 miles today” and Friday I got that chance. Of course next week I’ll be able to say, “Ya, I ran 6 miles today.” In week 4 I’m going to do more intervals to try and work on my time during the shorter runs. I’m still working on the perfect play list and once it’s complete I will share. Don’t forget Saturdays at 7:30 AM under the Morey’s Piers Archway at Mariner’s Landing Pier (Schellenger Ave.) See you there!

And thanks to Kate, I will live by this motto during my training, “You don’t have to run fast, you just have to go.”


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