Winter at Morey’s Piers

January 22, 2008 by Kristel Fillmore in

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We can’t wait for you to visit us again this year and we know you can’t wait to visit us! I’ve put together some pictures so you can see what we’ve been working on during these long winter months to get ready for you.

A short tour of Morey’s Piers in the winter…
This is what the Maelstrom looks like in winter mode.

The skyships and sky cycle tracks are being completely repainted. This is a painstaking process that has been going on virtually every day for over two months now. The track is sandblasted, then painted with primer and multiple color coats. We’ve changed the colors as well. Supports will be a rust color, while the Sky Ships track is a bright yellow (background) and the Sky Cycles are now a different shade of orange. The Sky Cycle track in the foreground is in the middle of the painting process.

Here’s the Rock n’ Roll undergoing winter rehab, with the ride vehicles neatly and carefully lined up, ready to go back into service.

Where’s the Gravitron??? Hmmm…

Zoom Phloom boats lined up on Hunt’s Pier waiting for a new paint job.

Sea Serpent fiberglass bodies awaiting the return of their frames and axels after winter rehab.

Ah yes, the good old Great Nor’Easter seats, hanging out, awaiting their fate. You did hear about the new trains, didn’t you?

Giant Wheel gondola canopies being prepped for a new paint job. We usually repaint 10 gondolas each year.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the quick tour. March 22 is quickly approaching, so we all need to get back to work. We can’t wait to see you this spring!

Dino Fazio
Director of Operations


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